Our Slogans :

  • Unleash your Potential and Get it Developed.
  • Your way to achieve your dream.
  • An Opportunity for Development and Elevation.


Doc+Pro is a growing organization that mainly aims at developing doctors and team doctors in different medical fields. It aims at providing training and fellowship opportunities for doctors and experts working in the medical field. Introducing more advanced surgical skills to Yemeni doctors through sharing medical OPD slots with very professional Expert Doctors in India. Besides, providing Yemeni doctors the opportunity to work with professional surgeons in the Operation Theaters, so Yemeni Surgeons get well-qualified and understand the advanced surgical methods that Professional Indian Surgeons use in their surgeon work.

Doc+Pro also cares for the Indian Medical Units Market as it aims at spreading the names of these Medical Units in Yemen and Market for them on their behalf. It will indirectly make the names of the Indian Medical Units well-known to patients as marketing for training in the Indian hospitals is made. This provides Indian hospitals with more patients, which will increase the financial income of the medical unit through Yemeni Patients. Doc+Pro will also help to add to the profits of the Indian Medical Units as the trainees will pay for being trained.


To change, elevate and develop doctors’ abilities and skills in surgical and medical consultancy through creating professional awareness of the medical services provided globally.


To create professional doctors.



Honesty, Professionalism, Innovation, Elevation, Development, Actual Impact, Plan and Act.


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